Good Morning Mr. Moon…We’ll Take It from Here!

My commute isn’t so bad: ten miles door-to-door from my pillow to my recording studio/office.

Not bad at all. Each drive starts off the same: a little morning prayer, a daily recitation of my life’s intention and a handful of my favorite songs cranked up to get me the rest of the way with a smile.

This morning I enjoyed a high-flying driving companion: the moon.

Although the sun was about to rise in the east, the moon was hanging on in near-full-glory in the west.

Nighttime is when dreams happen. Daytime is when people like us make them come true.

That brief ‘in between’ time is pretty cool. It makes me smile.

What I love about it is it’s a fairly exclusive club of people who get to enjoy it.

Want to know our secret handshake? A smile and a wave of hello.

This morning it included me, a neighborhood couple enjoying their daily walk, and a guy jogging (dressed as Superman) with his dog.

Mornings like this, I don’t mind the cold. I don’t mind the lingering dark residual darkness. I don’t mind the forecast of more snow tomorrow.

In this moment there is only beauty and possibility…and the knowledge that I just got to enjoy something beautiful that not everyone makes the effort to see, even for a moment.

What do you see when your day begins?

Is it a list of activities so lengthy and hurried that you miss saying goodbye to the moon?

Or do you sleep a bit later, waking up after the sun rises?

If I may suggest, please take at least 30 seconds some morning to get up and step outside (or peer through a west-facing window) to view the changeover as the guardian of night gives way to the sun.

It’s a sky filled with possibility, and not everyone makes the effort to see it.

If you do, I bet you’ll smile.

Welcome to this new day.

What could YOU do with it?

After all, Superman was up early rockin’ this new day…you can too.


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