Even Mother Nature Can’t Top THIS Storm!

There’s a storm coming, and its echoes can be heard all around us.

For as long as I have been an adult, I’ve heard people thundering on about the up-and-coming generation being lazy, not caring about anything but themselves, and sitting on their butts texting and playing video games.

I think they are wrong.

Every generation has its uninspired…or slackers.

There were cavemen who sat on their butts while the rest of the clan went off to forage for food.

George Washington may have noticed a rower slacking off while crossing the Delaware.

There are some professional athletes who, despite being paid millions of dollars, don’t give their all on every play.

From where I am sitting, there are plenty of AMAZING young souls gearing up to do great things in the world. Here’s how I see it: they’re being handed an economy that isn’t the greatest in history. The job market is not the same one which may have given them hope just a few years ago. They’ve got an older generation giving them crap half the time.

Who could be inspired by THAT?

Before it sounds like I am creating a defense blanket for them all, I am not. Some young people never got raised with consequences and will have to discover them the hard way. Ohhhh, and they will!

Although not my target audience, I do speak several times each year for teens who have demonstrated a choice to be part of positive energy in their communities. It has been a joy for me to share my Vision Board programs and keynote speeches with Boys and Girls Club Keystone groups, the HOBY Youth Leadership programs, Make-A-Wish Kids (who speak on behalf of the non-profit), Liberty Harbor Academy (in NH) and Americorps.

What I see in these groups is a FIRE building to bring positivity, passion, ideas, muscle, creativity, knowledge and more to the world.

Every week in the news, although it can be hard to find because they don’t make headlines, there are teens and young adults performing great acts of kindness, winning awards for academic excellence, venturing out on missions with their peers to help people in various parts of the world, and starting their own small businesses to raise money and awareness for their causes.

Student Help2Are you the parent of such a child? If so, congratulations, keep up the good work!

Do you know positive young people in your community who could use some recognition?

Please help them get it.

Have you seen a lemonade stand (or, in this eternal winter’s case, a hot chocolate stand) which is helping to raise money for a cause? Enjoy some today, while lending your support.

If you are reading this message, it means you have intentionally sought out the positivity it is my pleasure to bring each week via written and spoken word.

Young people need us to set the best example we can.

Please do so with honesty, authenticity and patience.

There’s a storm coming and, with our help, it could be a great one!

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