Gumball Tyler Takes Change to a New Level!

During a recent visit to the grocery store, as we scanned for a register with a short line, we got to meet Tyler. As part of our trip, we’d decided that if the customer closest to us only had a couple of items, we’d ask if we could pay for them.

We picked the right customer and, as it turned out, the right register!

The woman had two bunches of bananas which, as it turns out, were going to be breakfast for a group of men on a weekend spiritual retreat. Nourished bodies and nourished souls. That felt good.

What made the day even better was Tyler, our register guy. He smiled throughout the conversation with our fellow customer.

“Acts of Kindness are cool” he said. “I hate having change rattling around in my pockets, so whenever I have a few quarters I like to leave them on the gumball machines so that kids can get a treat.”

I was floored…that is AWESOME!! J

What a cool learning lesson for a parent. When the children use the coins, the mom or dad can remind them that it’s nice to do things for other people, just like someone did for them. 

Tyler…you ROCK!

Later than day, my travel companion left a quarter on a gumball machine at another store. It was so much fun. We felt like we were on a secret mission.

If the store cameras caught us, they’ll be seeing big smiles as they roll back through the footage.

I am still smiling as I write this, several days later.

Total investment: 25-cents.

Beat that, Dow Jones!


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