Do You High-Five at the Hive?

When was the last time you went back to your office and rocked your way through the front door, or heard a co-worker come back from a sales call with good news? Did you celebrate with a “Way to go” or a high-five?!?

According to an Alan Hill article at A recent study by Accenture reports that a whopping 43% of the workforce cites ‘lack of recognition’ as the reason for their unhappiness. 

If you think about it, your office or the headquarters of your company is like a beehive. The drones (sad name for a worker, but I’ll let it slide this time) leave every day to pollinate the world with your message, bringing back the resources needed to make the honey happen.

When they do, are you there to help celebrate? After all, when one person in the company succeeds, the whole company can benefit.

Will you cheer on your fellow drones the next time they come back to the hive successfully?

Will you console and help mentor those new to the hive until they’re flying right?

Please remember: no matter what you do, you had your first day, week, month, year, failure, success…who was there to celebrate or help you pick up the pieces?

How can you take a moment today to share some good energy around the hive?

Some people will say that this is the responsibilities of the leaders.

Perhaps, but not all leaders feel that way. I believe many do, but there are a few heartless, emotionally-vacant hard-asses out there who will inform you that you’re lucky to even be in the hive.

Most of them don’t read my articles, so I don’t sweat them very much.

Besides, they probably steal toilet paper and are mean to puppies.

This is about YOU, and those around you who could really use the support, adding to the cheers and consoling after the jeers.
Remember, you once flew your first mission into a big and scary world. Please remember to cheer the missions of others.

Buzz on, my friends! Hope your hive is hoppin’ this week!


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