Great Attitude…Can I Get Fries With That?!?

As Tina and I were out buying accessories for our new home, we found ourselves on a very traffic-jammed South Willow Street in Manchester.

“Want to get lunch at Five Guys?” Tina asked.

A quarter-mile (and 15 minutes) later, we finally arrived.

Delicious burgers, awesome fries and my favorite orange soda…great lunch!

As we prepared to leave, I spied an employee making her way through the maze of tables and chairs, straightening the rows and cleaning up crumbs.

“How does it feel to be serving the best French fries around?” I asked her.

She smiled and said thank you, then said something that stuck with me: “If they’re EVER cold, not perfectly hot and fresh when you get your meal, please come up and tell us!”

Wow…I liked that.

“I try to stress to my team to do their best, always.”

I reached out my hand: “My name is Steve. I get to be positive for a living, and I enjoy meeting other positive people.”

Her hand shook mine. “My name is Denise. I am the manager.”

As she turned to continue cleaning tables and re-setting chairs, I asked if she minded me sharing our interaction.

She smiled and graciously said yes.

When I posted it on Facebook later that afternoon, one reply stood out immediately. My friend Melissa said “My fiancé works there. I will be sure Denise sees this if she hasn’t already. It will make her day!”

I love that.

Not only did I discover a manager who runs a cool restaurant where the food rocks, but she also walks her talk by working the floor doing every job necessary to keep it clean, safe and fun for their guests.

Do you know people like this?

Do you go out of your way, even for just a moment, to point out the greatness you see in others…even strangers?

Are people talking about YOU this way?

Are you walking your talk, with the right attitude, to inspire total strangers to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to share you with the world?

I can’t wait to get back to Five Guys, to see Denise in action again.

She’s got a great attitude…and I know the french fries will be just right!


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