The Rascals Were Groovin’ and We Were Movin’!

In 1967, the song Groovin’ by The Rascals was riding high on the charts.

“Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon
Really couldn’t get away too soon

I can’t imagine anything that’s better
The world is ours whenever we’re together…”

I’ve always loved that song. It was stuck in my head yesterday (as many songs do when I’m rewriting the lyrics to fit my life): “Movin’ on a Sunday afternoon…where did I put the hair dryer?!?”

After nearly seven years together, more than half of which was spent living in separate states, Tina and I are finally together in our own place, close enough to take care of all needs at our nearby parents’ homes as well. That was important.

On Sunday night, after the help of Tina’s brother Mark and my best friend Rodney, these happy feet got to enjoy dinner and some cozy relaxation on the couch.

Like all the other goals we have in our lives, this one didn’t just happen. We knew we wanted to be together in our own home. That’s when all the decisions kicked in. What type of house? Where would we live? How much rent can we afford? Will our cell phones have a signal there? Does the included basic cable come with the AMC Channel so we can watch The Walking Dead?

Yes, all these questions.

That’s when I realized we can paralyze ourselves by overthinking and overanalyzing. It’s easy to do it, really.

We had an idea of the general geography, so we started searching on-line. Had to be at least 1 ½ baths, no less than 2 bedrooms (so that we could set up an office for Tina), and not too much yard and driveway to take care of (as I am already helping with two others).

We searched, and found one that looked nice.

It is 6 miles from Tina’s Mom and 7.1 miles from my Dad. Check!

It’s got 1 ½ baths.

There are 3 bedrooms, and Tina’s office already rocks!

Two local gentlemen are the property managers, taking care of the driveway and lawn.

Our landlord is really nice, and has been great to work with!

We’re going to love it here.

You can love it wherever you’re at as well…and wherever you may be going.

All it takes is a decision, followed by action.

Simple, yes. Easy? Not always.

Is there something you need to get moving on in your life?

Do you have a decision to make?

Make it, and move forward.

What do your goals look like?

Where can you start, today, to take just one step closer?

I hope this message inspires you to make something happen in your life, so that you can relax at the finish line, put on your slippers and celebrate your victory.

Are you movin’?

Are you groovin’?


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