Laughter is the Best Medicine…are YOU taking it?

Have you ever laughed so hard that something came out your nose?

I have. It was ginger ale.

Those bubbles don’t exactly tickle on the way out…which made me laugh even more.

As I researched this week’s message, I discovered an article* which claims that healthy children laugh as many as 400 times per day. It also stated that adults laugh just 15 times daily.

I’m not sure if that makes me want to laugh…or cry.

According to the article: studies so far have shown that laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater happiness, and even increase immunity.”

Hey, if a few extra laughs per day could possibly keep a camera out of my keister, I’m all for it!

Today (4/14/14) is International Moment of Laughter Day.

Why stop at just one moment?

Do you read the morning paper? Be sure to read the comics.

Do you watch the news on TV? Don’t miss the final story, which is usually something humorous or heart-warming (why they don’t LEAD with the ‘good’ news still blows my mind).

Ever heard of YouTube? Type in the word ‘laugh’ and you’ll be blasted with choices from laughing babies to laughing gas to ‘laugh until you cry’.

Several times per year (I wish it was more), I lose my mind laughing until tears stream down my face. By the time I catch my breath, sometimes I can’t even remember why I was laughing in the first place.

I am just thankful that I was.

How long has it been since you caught a show at a local comedy club?

As a former stand-up comedian, I cannot tell you how many times people came up to me after a show to say “I had such a horrible week, thank you so much for making me laugh!”

What COULD make you laugh this week?

Even at the lowest point of my life a decade ago (left my radio career, got divorced and was $65,000 in debt), a phone call to my life coach describing a pathetic afternoon spent whacking golf balls in a thunderstorm (daring the lightning to hit me) made HIM laugh so much that he asked me if I’d ever thought of becoming a stand-up comedian or motivational speaker.

That laughter changed my life forever.

Now I get to share that story to make other people laugh and realize that even on the days when we feel socked in by dark clouds, we can find a bit of sunshine by finding more reasons to laugh than cry.

Just don’t be drinking ginger ale when you do it.

Until next time, please bless yourselves and those around you with the gift of laughter.

It might just keep a camera from sneaking in the back door of your theater.

Laugh on, my friends!



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