What Does It Mean (to me) To Be Boston Strong?

Five words: “There is always a hero”.

That’s my opinion, anyway.

Anytime something bad happens to us, heroes always rise up.

Beyond the early responders, police, firemen and EMTs… regular everyday people always seem to raise their game in special ways.

On September 11th, there were many heroes who opened their doors to strangers, cooked meals at firehouses and comforted the injured.

During Hurricane Sandy, one of the photos that struck me hardest was the spiderweb of extension cords and chargers shared by a homeowner who still had power, so that people could reach out to their loved ones.

Even before the smoke cleared at the marathon bombings a year ago, regular everyday heroes were already stepping up.

  • Carlos ‘The Cowboy’ Arredondo running alongside Jeff Bauman’s wheelchair
  • Crowd members knocking over a barricade so that medical personal could reach victims
  • Marathon participants who kept running, far beyond the finish line, to donate blood

These are just a few examples, and it seems that every disastrous moment finds them rising up.

But…do we need to wait for catastrophic events to be a hero?


Heroes are around us every day.

You might already be one to someone in need.

If not, you COULD be.

Please do your best to raise your awareness. The opportunities are there.

How can you leave just ONE situation better than you find it today?

I’m serious…little old YOU could be a hero to someone today without even breaking a sweat.

You might not feel like a hero, but you’re not the one who bestows that honor.

To the person on the receiving end of a kind word, gesture or act…you are.

And that’s where it matters most.

Please be a hero today.

Be strong…Boston Strong! 


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