Where There’s Smoke, There’s Hector Montoya!

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Hector Montoya!

Wow…so many fires burning in the news recently:

  • 81-year-old racist (and NBA team owner) Donald Sterling’s recorded rants about black people
  • NH House Rep Will Infantine claims that women earn less than men because they do not share the same work ethic

There are plenty of flames being fanned, igniting verbal outlashes all over the mainstream media.

Will there be a good outcome? I doubt it.

When you mix money and power with personal opinion or scandal, you wind up with a great big pissing match dragged on and on…and that is sad.

I find the comments of Donald Sterling despicable, so I will not support anything which makes him money.

I personally think Will Infantine is an idiot for his approach, so I will never vote for him.

Want to know who I’m supporting today?

Hector Montoya.


Because when the 9-year-old Grand Prairie TX boy saw smoke and fire, he stepped up and added positive energy to his community.

Hector was saving money to buy himself a video game console.

Then he heard of a mom and her daughter who perished in a local fire.

What he did next is pretty amazing.

He took the money he’d saved, close to $300.00, and purchased 100 smoke alarms.

And it gets even better: the local fire department installed them!

And it gets even better than that: after his great deed was featured in the local news, strangers stepped up and purchased a PlayStation4 for him, and also kicked in another $100 for more smoke detectors.

This kid just saved lives.

 He saw a need and filled it, inspiring others to help as well.

 He didn’t spew hateful words.

 He didn’t put down those whom he perceived to be weaker.

I’d vote for this kid to be a community leader right now, if I could.

We need more people like him to keep doing good things.

There will always be bad people. I can’t help that, nor will I deny they exist.

I just plan to live my life despite them, allowing my own music and message to do my talking.

If I can get people to get off their butts and take positive action, versus sitting on the couch screaming about how ‘wrong’ Sterling and Infantine are, then score one for the good people!

When the bad people are ultimately ignored or punished within the systems which govern them, they’ll go away.

In the meantime, I’m going to throw my support to people like Hector Montoya.

Where there’s smoke, there will now be more than 100 lifesaving devices.

Way to go kid!

How can YOU be like Hector this week?

Do you see smoke?

What will YOU do about it?


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