Blue Lou is Back…And She’s Smokin’ Hot!

Last weekend I had a problem. After adopting my Dad’s old gas grill, I invested a little over 100-dollars in new parts. Blue Lou had a problem. She couldn’t get her flame above 250-degrees. I figured the new parts would bring her back to barbecue glory.

To celebrate the rebirth of Blue Lou, my fiancee Tina bought me a smoker box and some delicious hickory woodchips.

Meat? Check. Barbecue sauce? Check. Wood chips? Check.


250 degrees. Crap.

I was crushed.

And, by the way: NO SMOKE.

Once again, Tina came to the rescue. She suggested I do an on-line search of my flame-control issue.

Minutes later, I found an on-line forum post (from 2007) which read: “I am having an issue with my grill, unable to get the temp above 250 degrees”.

Apparently, there is a common issue with the gas lines, resulting in limited flow of gas. Sometimes, according to the responder, spiders can take up residence and cause this (among other things).

I disconnected the tank, blown into the nozzle, reconnected it and hit the clicker.

Minutes later, Blue Lou was cranking out over 400-degrees of delicious goodness, with so much hickory smoke that even my neighbor‘s dog was drooling!

All it took was ONE simple action, made possible by reaching out to others who’ve walked the same low-flame path. We just need to remember to admit we’re in trouble, and ask for help.

What problems are keeping YOU from getting red hot these days?

Reach out…someone’s got the spark to get you back in the game.

Blue Lou is blue no more.

She’s back.

And she’s SMOKIN’ HOT!

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