So…Are YOU Ready to Jump?!?

We’ve all got goals of some kind in our lives. Not everyone has their eyes on the sky, with top-flight fantasies. Some people just want to be happy and comfortable, and I think that is pretty awesome.

Every day gives us an opportunity to live and learn, giving us skills and knowledge to make better things happen.

That’s what we’re here for, right? To make our lives better?

I hope so, because intentionally making your life worse, or not ‘wanting’ to make it better, is a bit beyond my comprehension.

Boy, THOSE meetings would be fun, huh?

“Hi my name is Steve…and I want my life to suck tomorrow, more than it does today.”

One issue I’ve run into over a decade of speaking is this: some people spin their wheels and grind their gears with so many steps designed to make their lives better, but never pull the trigger and actually make them happen.

How does this happen?

Reading dozens of books…but never doing anything they learned in the pages.

Taking classes, but never applying the knowledge.

Being around the ‘right’ people, but not tuning in to their energy.

Hiding from the world in a bubble of ‘wishes’, without breathing the rare air of true achievers who ‘go for it’ no matter what fearful faces are staring back in the mirror.

Last November, I had the opportunity to enjoy a Vegas vacation. Part of the plan was to jump off the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Hotel.

What was my fear?

The same one which has plagued me for years: when an opportunity to ‘take action’ occurs, I have traditionally been afraid to move on it.

What did this jump mean for me?

I need to ‘go for it’ more often…to have the balls to jump off and learn something on the way down, making future goals easier to chase without thinking “how much more do I need to learn before taking a chance?”

Since then, I have sought out some pretty amazing people who have helped me to revamp my marketing materials and program offerings, attended several events which gave me some actionable strategies and have built a new video productions studio to ‘just do it’ and get my voice and face all over YouTube.

I’ve got something to say, and damn it: I AM GOING TO SAY IT!

I’ve got goals, hopes and dreams like everyone else, and I refuse to let myself be paralyzed by wondering how much more time I am going to waste cramming useless additional information in my brain.

Today…I am going to take a leap.

You can too.

I believe in you, and I hope you do as well.

Leap. Jump. Learn.

Let’s high-five on the way down…and then see how high we can fly!

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