Are YOU Still Singing YOUR Song?!?

If we close our eyes, we hear the voices:

“Why can’t you be more like __________?

“I always knew you were ___________?

“I’d always hoped you would become a ___________!

So many of us get overwhelmed trying to please the rest of the world. We may try to sing our own song and become drowned out by the dissonance between our words and the chorus that others try to get us to sing.

Sometimes we sabotage our performance and storm off the stage.

Other times we try to keep on singing, but we just can’t get anyone to listen.

Sadly, many of us forget the words to our own songs.

Sitting backstage, afraid to sing, is a lonely place.

Walking the streets without our own rhythm is lonely.

Never mind ‘the beat of our own drummer’, we’ve told the whole darn band to take five…permanently.

I’ve got a song. It may not be the one that everyone expected me to sing, except for the people who told me: “I want you to do whatever makes you happy, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone…especially YOU.”

You’ve got a song too. Maybe you’ve forgotten exactly how it goes, but it’s still in there somewhere.

Sift layers

Snap your fingers, tap your feet a few times.

Close your eyes and think back to the days when you felt most alive, and had hope.

Does that song still make you smile?

It may make you dance. It may let you strut a little. It may even have singing a slow, cool blues.

But it’s yours…all yours.

No matter what stages you spent your life on to this point, you can always re-learn your song.

There are people out there who need to hear it.

If you still have a beat in your heart, and air in your lungs, there is always time for ‘take two’…or ‘take one-hundred and two’.

You can sing it to the whole world, or one lonely soul on a street corner.

Either way, I want you to belt it out with all the heart and soul you’ve got.

You just never know who will be snapping their fingers, or stomping their feet…with a little smile on a cloudy day, because you dared to share.

Rock on, my friends…please keep on signing your song.

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