Seven Years Since the Email That ROCKED My World!

Did you ever have a time in your life when you stopped complaining about what was wrong, and just listened to that little voice that said what you really wanted?

Those who know my story are aware that a little over a decade ago I was in a pretty disappointing place. Okay, I won’t sugarcoat it: my life sucked (because of some decision I had made, I can’t blame anyone else).

Got divorced in 2003, didn’t go on a single date for over a year as I read some pretty interesting books on relationships and communication, taking notes in my journal to transform into the person I knew I wanted to be for future relationships.

I did date someone for a while, a bit later. She was a very nice person, but the chemistry was just not right enough for me to be ‘in love’.

In early 2007, I decided that was the year I was going to meet ‘the one’. I made the decision to end the relationship I was in. That has never been easy for me, and I tried to be as mature and respectful as possible.

In June of that year, I wrote down in my journal: “I am ready to fall in love”.

Just over a week later, I got an e-mail that changed my life forever.

The scariest part is…I nearly deleted it as spam.

Here is a quick video (created last Summer) telling our story!

Steve’s Video on the E-mail That Rocked My World!

On this seventh anniversary of that day, I ask you these questions:

   Do YOU know what type of relationship you wish to enjoy?

   Are YOU being the right partner to make that partnership flourish?

   Are YOU spending time in the right places to meet that special person?

If you are already in a relationship: is it the BEST you can make it?

I am sick and tired of people saying that relationships are 50/50, as in “I’ll bring my best energy to ‘us’ if YOU will!”

Sorry, those numbers are not good enough for me.

For the first time in my life, I am giving 100% of myself and trusting that she will do the same.

She has, and so much more.

I have got to be one of the luckiest men on the face of this planet, and not just because I met the right woman for me, but mostly because I threw away a whole bunch of macho bull***t about how men are ‘supposed to be’.

Who is most important? Me and Tina.

Whose opinions are most important? Mine and hers.

As the band Metallica so eloquently stated in their song of the same name: “Nothing Else Matters”.

What can do you do TODAY to design, discover or re-energize the relationship of your dreams?

I am blessed to be able to share my story, straight from the heart.

I’ve shared it on many stages, have been invited to the Oprah Radio Network four times to tell it, and am now sharing it here.

It is my hope that YOU can feel this same love in your life.

I bet you deserve it.

I think you’ll enjoy it.


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