Why Does My Gratitude Journal Smell Like BBQ Sauce?!?


“Ugh…I did something really bad today.”

Those were the words I heard from a friend over the phone earlier this week.

Knowing this person is not evil in any way, I pondered the possible bad actions.

Did she jaywalk?
Dent a can of soup to get a discount?
Sneak a bag of Skittles into a movie theater?

Turns out she was having a bad day and, against better judgement, stopped at a restaurant to indulge in her favorite comfort meal.

Yes, she did.

I’ll stand back and wait for the lightning.

Okay, that’s long enough.

“Was it good?!?” I asked.
“It was awesome” she replied.

“Did you keep your napkin?”
“It was all messy with sauce, why would I do that?!?”

Knowing that she keeps a Gratitude Journal (as I have done for years), I suggested that even a small piece of the napkin, with an aromatic hint of BBQ sauce on it, would make her smile every time she opens it up to write.

There are days when I struggle to think of something to be thankful for.

Not every day above ground is a ‘great day’. Some speakers blather on with fluffy crap like that, but I don’t believe it.

Every day is what we make of it, and we have the opportunity to make something good happen…even if we fall off the fitness wagon face-first into a messy BBQ sandwich.

Some days, the greatest gift to ourselves is a memory we create which will make us smile on the really sucky days…and we all have those now and then.

I didn’t even get to taste it, but I now have the gift of a memory which will make me smile the next time I eat a messy BBQ sandwich.

I can be one hell of a slob when I eat, so there’s no worry about me needing napkins. A tarp might be a better idea.

How can THIS day leave a lasting impression, or really cool stain, on the list of things YOU are grateful for?!?


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