Set Your GPS for a Smile!

Thanks to the holiday weekend, Tina and I were able to escape the house for a couple nights to stay with some friends. One thing I love about New Hampshire: just about everything is within an hour’s drive: the beach, the mountains, the big lakes. This weekend is was the beach.

The first 18 hours were fairly uneventful as the wind-whipped remnants of Hurricane Arthur showered us. By noon yesterday the skies had cleared, giving us a sun-kissed finale. Robbed of the chance due to Saturday’s deluge, I set my alarm to greet the Sunday sunrise with my cameras in hand.

I was not disappointed.

The relatively flat sea kept the surfers away, leaving me to a pristine view of the rocky shore.

Last Christmas, Tina gave me the gift of a GoPro camera which travels with me often. This is not the camera’s first experience with the Atlantic, as it dove into 38-degree water with me during the Penguin Plunge for Special Olympics in February.

I didn’t make it work so hard this time.

With camera-stand fully extended, the lens caught the full force of waves crashing on the rocks, close-ups of the smooth rocks on the shore and a panoramic shot with me tipping my cap to the view.

Although there was nobody else there, I was not lonely. I was wearing a smile a mile wide. And I will continue to smile every time I think of this shot.

When you close your eyes, what place has this effect on you?

Is it somewhere you’ve been, or would like to be?

If you’ve already experienced it already…did you take any pictures?

Yes?  Dig one out. Put it where you can see if every day.

No?  Close your eyes and think of a place that makes you smile just by thinking of it. Then find a picture of it and put your face there like it’s actually happening.

Keep these pictures where you can see them EVERY DAY.

Make it real in your heart and mind until you can make it HAPPEN.

Does this work?

Like anything else, it works if you MAKE it work.

I’m outta here, have a great day. I’m heading back to the beach for a few minutes before I fire up the recording studio for today’s projects.

Surf’s up…again!

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