Are YOU Making Happiness ‘Happen’?

August is Happiness Happens Month.

There it is on my calendar, with a big smiley face.

Can’t miss it.

Yet some days, we wake up and forget.

I observed a friend last week on social media who couldn’t seem to find hers.

I learned quickly that she was allowing other people to steal it.

Jack Canfield refers to these people as ‘psychic vampires’.

My canine co-author Super Teddy (visit his web page here) has a little nub of a tail which wags frantically, bringing happiness to every day.

Given the fact that he was born in the streets of New Orleans to a stray mama dog, and was the only survivor of his litter, I don’t think Vegas would have made much money betting on a happy life for him.

But it happened.

Some pretty amazing people who create happiness through their service of others stepped up.

In a matter of months he was rescued, fostered, evacuated and adopted (by my fiancée and her mom).

He is happiest when he’s around people…and his gigantic bin of toys.

I’ve observed him when he’s all alone too.

Sometimes he’ll snort like a bull and run in place on the carpet.

Other times he’ll snuggle up and roll around on his favorite toys.

While he could feel lonely, howling in despair…his happiness just keeps coming out.

We can all learn from that.

Happiness happens…when we MAKE it happen.

Some people will say “He’s just a dog, he doesn’t know any better.”

Here’s my answer: “What are YOU doing to bring happiness to the world?”

If all it took was to wag my tail, bark and play (and occasionally pass gas) all day to bring joy, I’d be the happiest person in the world.

And then I remember…that IS what I do!

I am a professional speaker (barking my message) who celebrates joyful moments each day (wagging).

Heck, I’ll even admit to passing gas on occasion.

Bottom line: we ALL have the opportunity to not only create it for ourselves, but to also share and discover it in others.

It is a monthly theme that deserves to be repeated year round.

It is Happiness Happens Month, and it’s happening with or without you.

Will YOU make it happen?

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