‘Wishing’ is NOT an Action!

Once again this week, I overheard someone saying “I wish I could do that”, with regard to someone in the news.

While this person and I are not super-close, we know each other well enough that I could make a comment…with kindness, of course.

“Why do you think that person is so great at it?”

Her answer: “She just seems like a natural.”

My response: “Nobody comes out of the womb THAT good at anything…except maybe drooling and soiling a diaper.”

She laughed, which was the response I was seeking.

Then we had a really cool little pep talk.

My basic point, and it’s something that many people SAY, but do not always DO.

Sitting on your front porch WISHING you could run a marathon is not going to help you cross the finish line.

Laying on the couch WISHING you could come up with an idea to make more money will NOT help you start your own little business.

Spending lonely evenings at your dinner table WISHING for someone to share your life with will NOT get you your perfect partner.

In case your brain is saying, right now: “But Steve, I CAN’T do what you do, I don’t have the skills or the confidence to go after my dreams.

I try not to curse much in my speaking or writing, but I will make an exception here: the voice in your head saying that are full of S***.  (you can fill in the blanks)

Unlike the hysterical Geico ad with Pinocchio telling people “I think you have potential” (which ends with his nose growing)… I am telling you that you do.

We ALL do.

We can all be better in our lives, if we’re willing to get past the ‘WISHING’ for it, get off our butts and take action…even just ONE step.

Want to learn a new skill, but are afraid to look weak by asking someone to help you? Get on YouTube. You can learn just about ANYTHING there.

See someone enjoying the type of relationship you wish to have? Ask them what caused them to be attracted to each other, and follow the patterns.

Want to start your own business, even just a tiny one that you can do in your spare time? There are thousands of opportunities out there. Find one that fits your style and comfort zone.

Success could be just actions beyond wishing.

Are you going to fail?


Will it hurt?


Can you learn from it?


Wishing is the starting line.

Action gets you closer to the finish line.

Please go out there and make your life the greatest race you’ve ever run.

You’ll be amazed at who you’ll meet along the way.

I am loving mine, and I am most appreciative to have you as part of it.

Thank you so much for being here!

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