Do You Take a Great Big ‘Sh****’ On Acts of Kindness?

To anyone who thinks I meant to use a bad word in the title, I did not.

There are 4 asterisks, making it a 6-letter word…and those additional 4 letters are ‘o-u-l-d’, making the full title “Do You Take a Great Big ‘Should’ On Acts of Kindness?”

I have been overwhelmed by all the cool acts of kindness happening lately, and am so happy they are appearing in newscasts which seem to normally cater to the bad, sad and somber stories.

Just this past weekend, a gentleman celebrating his 47th birthday went to dinner with family and friends. As he exited the restaurant, he told his server: “Something insane is about to happen to you, just take it and do something good.”

True to his word, the server discovered a $1000 tip had been left to his care. He followed it up by sharing with his fellow servers, and has plans for additional ‘pay it forward’ acts of kindness.

I absolutely LOVE reading about things like this.

What happens all too often however (which is why I spend so little time in Comment Sections on-line) is the plethora of pessimism which often erupts.

Acts of kindness, as part of their very definition, are done with kindness in mind.

Otherwise, we’d have to give them a more apropos name.

Why does something like this actually p*** (yup, bad word this time) me off sometimes?

Over and over, I hear people asking the question “Why would that person so frivolously give out money to someone with a job, when other people are struggling? They SHOULD (there’s that word) give it to someone more deserving!!”

Others, even more to-the-point, complain that nobody gives THEM anything, and that it’s not fair to single one person out for kindness.

My questions to such people: “What have YOU done today to help someone out?”

  • Have you showered yourself in ice-water and made even a small donation to ALS? (that was the viral social media boom of the weekend)
  • Have you praised someone in public for his/her service?
  • Have you held a door for someone?
  • Have you shared even ONE canned food item with a local pantry?

My favorite head-scratchers are the people who say that overpaid athletes and Hollywood’s elite should do more to help.

The way I see it, they earn their paychecks (providing value in some way) just like the rest of us.

Many of them have their own charitable finds set up. Some of them give away millions per year, they just don’t advertise it.

To me, giving is meant to be a JOYFUL experience.

I like to do it to make people happy, and that makes ME happy too.

I like to share ideas of how easy giving can be, and how it can cost little or nothing.

I am not rich, nor do I have ‘being a millionaire’ anywhere near the top of my list of goals.

I am happy to be a giver, and to observe others in their giving joy.

Please give any way you like…and try not to let anyone ‘should’ on your parade.

My question to those people who insist on dumping all over acts of kindness: “What did YOU give to the world today?”

If your answer is “Ummm…uhhhh….I don’t have anything to give”, please be prepared for our conversation to end quickly.

I’ve got cooler people to talk to.

You do too, my friends.

Please immerse yourself in at least one act of kindness this week…and have fun doing it.

That’s the way it is supposed to be.

Have a great week, my friends!


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