Are You Making Friends With Spike-Strips?

On the road of life, you’ll get where you want to go much more quickly if there are less roadblocks.

Some of us enjoy a pretty smooth ride, with the occasional speedbump that serves to sharpen our awareness.

I am very honored to have some pretty cool people on the side of the road cheering me on and yelling words of support. I appreciate every single one of you…truly.

During a recent conversation with a fellow speaker, we kept coming back to the people we’ve met at our events: the people who come to hear us speak because they feel they have nobody else who believes in them, and they wish to improve their lives.

There are people out there who are not happy where they’re at, yet can’t seem to gather the momentum needed to get very far.

Often, they’ve got people in their lives whose replies to their ambitious travel plans include:

“Why do you want to do that?”

“You always say you WANT to do something, but you never do.”

“You really shouldn’t dream so big, you’re just going to be disappointed again.”

You know where these ‘friends’ are coming from?

Spike-Strip City, baby.

I honestly believe people mean well when they say stuff like this. Some of them, anyway.

Some people are just mean.

Once in a while, you’ve got to take a look around you to see who’s in your pack.

It’s really hard to drive down the road when people keep tossing spike strips in your way.

Here’s something that has worked for me.

Wake up earlier than the rest of the world and put something good in your tank.

I love Success Magazine. It’s loaded with bite-sized nuggets of awesomeness.

Put THAT in your tank and set off on a new road.

Let the others litter their own streets with doubt and fear, you’ve got somewhere better to go.

Leave the doubters in your rear-view mirror.

They don’t deserve to ride shotgun anymore.

Happy driving!


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