Why Do Some Super-Secret Formulas Smell Like Garbage?

In my first 30 seconds on Facebook this morning, I discovered that I can tap into the best on-line rankings (not sure why that ad featured a woman with big breasts, but it did) and also how I can learn the hottest Money-Making Blogging Secrets to earn a 6-figure income.

Like nearly EVERY sales recruitment seminar I’ve ever walked past, which serves up a whole big heaping helping of “RAH-RAH-RAH, this guy earns 7 figures while he stays in his pajamas all day”, there are wayyyy too many people out there telling you how rich you can get, QUICKLY, if you just invest in their ‘Super-Secret Formula’.

Can I get earn a healthy income as a speaker and author?

If I work very hard at it, surrounding myself with the best people I can find…yes.

Will I do it by manipulating people, data and numbers, buying huge lists of names (which, to me, is spamming) and blasting my sales pitches out there incessantly until my subscribers want to puke?

No. And that is an absolute freaking capital N, capital O.

If you are on my mailing list, it means YOU signed up (on-line or at a speaking event).

When I surf through social media, some days I feel like I am drowning in crap.

Are there good people and companies out there sharing their messages effectively?

Yes…and I wish there were more.

Even in my own industry, there are ‘experts’ who tell me that I can attend their weekend learning academies and instantly become a highly-paid speaker, traveling the country sharing my message (some of them will even teach me the stories to tell from the stage).

My most recent educational investment was a one-day training with Larry Winget and Joe Calloway, neither of whom promised me anything other than to help me dig deep to figure out who I am as a speaker, and how to laser-focus exactly what I am bringing to the world.

For my money, they are among the LEAST full of crap people out there. They provided logical ‘common sense’ steps that work, when engaged. No secrets, no shortcuts, no magic…just making smart decisions and busting my butt to know who I am, what I can bring to the world, and how to market myself appropriately.

I hope that YOU are seeking out the best ways to educate yourself this week, in ways that resonate with you, allowing you to be absolutely AUTHENTIC when you’re out there building your successes.

In my mind, there are few things worse than arriving at a destination only to realize you didn’t travel the journey with integrity. That doesn’t mean you have to be orgasmically passionate about every part of your mission, but I feel you need to live from your own heart, soul, ethics and morals along the way.

I am ten years into my speaking career (which is considered HALF-WAY to ‘overnight success’) and I don’t regret any step it took to get here, whether I was speaking for a sandwich (in the early days) or for a decent paycheck.

I love what I do, and I am thankful for every bit of education that has helped me, so far.

Always be learning, and pick your mentors wisely!


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