Would YOU Put 1.5 Billion Eggs in YOUR Basket?

As of this morning, it appears Arthur T. Demoulas in back in control after ponying up $1,500,000,000 to buy out his cousin’s share of Market Basket.

For more than 6 weeks, many of his loyal employees have been putting their livelihoods on the line in support of his return (he was fired as CEO back in June).

In my 46 years on this Earth, I have NEVER seen such loyalty by a work ‘family’ for their leader. I have also never been aware of a CUSTOMER base which stayed away in droves to back up their cause.

According to one news item, sales were down about 94%.

Seriously…this is HUGE.

Have YOU ever had a boss who inspired this level of loyalty?

Are YOU the type of leader for whom people who undertake such an action?

My hat is off to EVERYONE who held up a sign, honked a horn, refused to shop, taped a receipt from a competing store to the window of a Market Basket store (this made me laugh) and lent support to families who were suddenly without income.

You just made history.

You just told Corporate America that having a SOUL is a good thing, and that compassionate leadership can change the world.

I will be honored to shop your aisles again very soon, understanding that it will take time to make things ‘right’ again.

I hope people will remember to be patient.

This won’t happen overnight, but I’m glad it’s happening.


Market Basket Won2


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