Are You Prospering Where You’re Planted (or Standing in Dead Grass and Dog Crap)?

If any more people tell me how lucky I am that I am self-employed, I don’t know what I’ll do.

It usually comes on the heels of those same people complaining about their jobs or unfulfilling relationships, and how both keep them from enjoying better lives.

The same thing goes for people who tell me how lucky I am to be in love with such an amazing woman, as though my heart had never been broken before.

Apparently I am also lucky because I jumped off a 108-story building last November in Vegas. That wasn’t luck…it was gravity and my debit card.

To ANYONE who thinks it was all easy, that my life is better than yours because I have achieved these things: I used to think like you.

When my life was in its dead-grass phase a little over a decade ago, I looked around at other people (who seemed to have it all) and said the same things. What I got from them was an earful about how much pressure they felt, how many decisions they had to make, and how much work it all was.

They were right.

Their lush green lawns didn’t happen overnight, or without effort.

They scratched the earth, they invested in good seeds, they spread fertilizer, they watered it, they celebrated the first sprouting blades, they gave extra effort to trouble spots…and they maintained it once it was grown.

You can too.

Wherever you have landed in life, you can dig in and grow some roots. Surround yourself with the best people you can find who can be living breathing examples of how to plant healthy thoughts and behaviors.

Fertilize your mind not with negative crap (that squeezes disgustingly between your toes) but with high-quality educational and inspirational messages which will generate creativity and passion in your life.

Celebrate EVERY little victory (even if you just high-five yourself) as you gain momentum toward a better life. Appreciate what it took to get there. It’s not ‘luck’.

As you gain strength and a healthy lawn, reach out to others to help with theirs.

Please also understand that the work never ends.

I have two successful business because I *LOVE* being a speaker and entertainer, and every day I take action to improve at both.

I am blessed to spend my life with my amazing soul-mate Tina, not because I say the words “I love you” every day, but because I choose to commit actions that ‘show’ her that I do…which make me happier too!

As for jumping off the building, that comes from my desire to occasionally ‘blow out the cobwebs’ and scare the hell out of myself, blasting past my self-limiting boundaries.

How green is YOUR grass right now?

What are you doing about it?

If you say there is nothing you can do, you are lying…to yourself and the rest of the world.

Unlike Pinocchio (as a motivational speaker) in that insurance commercial (which is my dad’s favorite), you DO have potential.

That’s the truth.

One healthy blade of grass is a good start.

How will you make your grass greener, starting today?


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