How Can You LOSE in 2-Million Dollar Shoes?

Apparently, all you have to do is wear them.

Last week on the America’s Got Talent finale, host Nick Cannon was sporting a pair of shoes that looked like a Bedazzler commercial on steroids.

Decked out in diamonds, each foot was worth a million dollars. Whoever said “special orders won’t upset us” was NOT talking about this specially-commissioned footwear.

All morning long, I have observed the chat rooms and public opinion social media in an uproar (for the most part) on the frivolous waste Nick is exhibiting, and how he should be donating them to charity (which he’s already said he will do).

Do I think he’s obligated to do that?


First off, I would never own anything like this, even if I had the money. It’s just not me. Nick Cannon, however, has EARNED the money to wear whatever makes his tootsies happy.

Secondly, I have a question for all those who are letting their voices be heard in full-BASH mode:

“What did YOU do today to help the less fortunate?”

Did you…

pay for someone’s coffee?

donate warm clothing to a homeless shelter?

bring non-perishables to a food pantry?

offer pet supplies to your local animal shelter?

hold a door for someone?

offer a kind word to a co-worker who’s having a bad day?

make someone laugh out loud?

hug somebody?

Look, I know it’s easy to look at those who are drowning in money and say they ‘should’ give more.

But to leave it at that, we are selling ourselves short…we are ALL capable of giving and enjoying the Helper’s High that comes from it.

I know many people involved with local non-profits who help the less-fortunate, and they are very grateful for the smaller donations which arrive daily, with love.

You can do that, and you don’t need diamonds on the soles of your shoes to make it happen.

Today is our day to get on the good foot.

Shine on, my friends!

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