If It Head-Butts Your Headlights…It’s Probably a Moose!

Growing up in New Hampshire, I was consistently told two things about driving at night:

deer will freeze in the headlights

moose will charge at them

Just the other night as I rounded a corner on my way home after an event, there was Bambi on the edge the road, standing perfectly still…either frozen in fear or ready to bust out in song from the karaoke spotlight.

Although I’ve never encountered one on the highway, I did come face-to-knee with a moose in my Dad’s driveway about 12 years ago. As I exited the garage and got halfway to my car, the overhead sensor light kicked on and I hear a very loud GRUNT. I then looked up (way up) to see a moose towering over me about 10 feet away. With briefcase and laptop in hand (good luck explaining THAT dent repair to the Geeks), I cautiously backed toward my car and turned the key.

Of course, my car was facing the moose as the headlights lit him up, center stage.

“Moose charge lights!” screamed the voice in my head, and I shut it down.

Opting for a defense of handclaps and goofy yelps, I leaned out the door and shooed the moose away.

I think he was more annoyed than scared, to be honest, as he sauntered off into the woods.

In our personal and business lives, we’ve got lights shining on us all the time.

What we DO when those opportunities happen will determine if we freeze (like a deer) or charge toward to explore and (even just metaphorically) CRUSH it.

What are YOU on life’s highway? 

When the bright lights of opportunity shine on you, are you more likely to freeze until it passes you (or runs you over), or will you charge toward it and show your strength?

Many times over the last decade-plus of building my speaking career, I’ve been both.

I froze when some deals came along, afraid to move, hoping it would pass me by without hurting me.

Other times, even the faintest light of opportunity has seen me drop my head and charge in full-steam, ready to bulldoze my way to victory.

Sometimes I won. Sometimes the other vehicle won, and I got pretty banged up.

Either way, I’m glad I made the effort.

Scars are cool to talk about…and I’ve got some pretty cool trophies hanging on my wall that say “Went for it…and won”.

Here’s hoping you discover the bright lights of a smashing victory this week, and leave YOUR mark on the front bumper of the world!

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