If You’re Tired of Getting Tickets, Stop Parking There!

How many times have you heard from someone: “Every time I try to do this, something bad happens”. It’s like the old joke in which the patient moves his arm a certain way and says “Doc, it hurts when I do this”.

The answer, in both scenarios: “Stop doing that!!”

We’ve all put our hand on a hot stove, literally or figuratively, at some point in our lives.

Some of us learn faster than others, and some never seem to…getting burned over and over.

There are people who continue to seek out the same type of romantic partner, only to complain about how unlucky they are at love when it sours…again.

Some people SAY they want to improve their lives, yet never follow through (and then motivational speakers like me get blamed).

If there are parts of your life in which you’re consistently getting results that do not improve your happiness, maybe it’s time you invest your time and energy elsewhere.

Sick of sitting home every night watching TV or playing video games, gaining weight in your ‘parking spot’ on that couch? Get off your butt and go for a walk, visit the gym, go volunteer somewhere which requires some physical effort.

Tired of settling for a job that leaves you unfulfilled? Take a class or get on YouTube and find people who are already successful doing what you’d LIKE to do…and find out how they did it!

Life is not as complicated as it may seem sometimes.

If you’re parked in a spot that continues to earn tickets (penalties) or leaves you covered in bird crap…MOVE!

Many people have done it.

Is it easy?

Not always.

Is it worth it?

Hell yes.

How do I know?

Let’s just say I’ve paid my share of parking tickets…


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