How Many BeachBums Does It Take to Change the World?

Answer: all of them!

Last week I was beyond honored to accept an award from the Friends Program of Concord NH.

Although it was my name on the certificate as Volunteer of the Year for their Emergency Housing Program, I am part of a BIG team of people who made it happen…and continue to do so.

In December 2012, I got off my butt and launched a little ‘giving mission’ which I dubbed BeachBum Philanthropy.

It is not an official non-profit (too much paperwork), but a state of mind. In keeping with my ‘beach bum’ attitude (relax and enjoy the cool waves life sends your way), we do our best to spot ways of ‘giving back’ through acts of kindness. 

From holding doors, paying tolls, picking up litter, sharing smiles and creating laughter, our loosely organized family of BeachBums creates positive energy for the world whenever possible.

Believe me, the world needs it.

Our introduction to the Friends Program happened on Valentine’s Day 2013, when I was handed 2 boxes of leftover breakfast pizza after my speaking event for a regional real estate association.

On my way home, I called several friends whom I knew worked with local shelters. On the third try, one mentioned the Friends Program. When I called, they gladly accepted!

After telling my family and friends how I met these really cool people by delivering leftover pizza, one question continually popped up: “What else do they need?”

Here is a summary of what some pretty awesome people have shared, so far:

  • cleaning supplies
  • first aid and medical items
  • home-grown fresh vegetables
  • many bags of clothing
  • vacuum cleaners
  • small pieces of furniture
  • household appliances
  • back-to-school supplies
  • Halloween costumes for the kids
  • generous cash donations
  • shoes, sneakers and boots
  • homemade hats, scarves and mittens
  • a visit from Santa Claus

To say this has been a joy for me would be an understatement.


I cannot imagine a life without so many generous, loving and caring people around me.

Giving is such an easy thing to do.

I hope you are making part of your life on a regular basis.

If you are, wonderful!

If not, and you wish to, it is much easier than you may think.

We have set up the BeachBum Philanthropy Facebook page to share ideas.

Please visit, then come back and share what you’ve done and how it made you feel.

There are plenty of people out there doing bad things to others.

I think it’s time that the good people get some spotlight-time too.

How about it…do you want to be a BeachBum?

Dive right in, the waters are mighty fine!


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