Sometimes You Gotta Take a Break…and Rock a Lampshade!

For the last few weeks, my canine co-author Super Teddy hasn’t been feeling well. He had a few seizures over the Summer and just wasn’t his happy normal self. After several local vet visits, we wound up taking a day to bring him to their recommended specialist for an MRI and a spinal tap.

When we picked him up at the Emergency Vet Clinic, I had to laugh. My little buddy was wearing a lampshade. Seems he’d been biting (and trying to remove) the IV shunt they’d been using to hydrate him over the weekend.

Got a problem that YOU’VE been picking at…which you shouldn’t be?!?

Slap on a lampshade!

Teddy lampshade

If only it was that easy in life and in our careers.

Got a family member or co-worker that’s irritating you?

Instead of baring the fangs and going at it every day, making things worse by aggravating each other, put a barrier between you (even temporarily) so that you both heal first.

There have been a few times over the years that I could have used one.

In the latter years of my radio career, I had a love/hate relationship with someone at my radio station.

Basically, we loved to hate each other.

For much of my tenure at this particular radio group, we said and did many things that got under each other’s skin.

Looking back, I wish we’d each taken a step backward and put on a lampshade.

It could have let us both heal (and mature) a bit by focusing on the good things right in front us (two great radio stations) versus always looking over our shoulders to flip each off, paranoid about what the other was doing.

How are YOUR wounds doing these days?

Are you letting them heal, or constantly picking at them?

Do you need a lampshade?

How can you take a step back and refocus on what’s most important, to make things better?

Super Teddy will be healthier for wearing his lampshade, and you could be too.

Happy healing, my friends!


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