Instagram Sam and Her Passion for Fashion!

Throughout my decade as a professional speaker, some of the most joyous moments have occurred as I am ‘giving back’.

Several times each year, I have the opportunity to speak at regional colleges for classes taught by my colleagues.

On Wednesday I got to travel to Plymouth State University, just north of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region.

After being treated to an hour-plus drive bathed in GORGEOUS peak foliage, I knew this day was going to be special.

My good friend Chuck Sink teaches a Business Communications class and invited me to speak on the benefits of consistent, confident communication as an extension of our true selves (blending personal & business futures).

During a Vision Board exercise, I asked if any of the students were planning to be entrepreneurs…and one hand quickly shot up. The young lady in the middle row said she plans to own a clothing store one day, was working at one currently, and is learning all she can from her manager. When I asked her the name of her future endeavor, and what her sign would look like, she paused and admitted she hadn’t gotten that far in her planning. When I asked to imagine her own store, right then, she smiled.

There is power in that picture!

I thanked her for her willingness to state this goal, out loud, in front of her peers. I also let her know that everyone else was now aware, and could connect her with the right people when they crossed paths with professionals who could help her in the future.

Sharing goals = POWER!

Every semester, there is ONE student who always stays after class to speak with me.

This year it was Sam…the student who had raised her hand.

I thanked her for being brave enough to raise her hand, and reaffirmed that continuing to share her goals could pay off in a big way.

When I asked what type of store she envisions, she shared that it would be a cool boutique which included cool, interesting, eye-catching vintage clothing. As she pointed to the outfit she was wearing, she continued: “I put this together with items from the store!”

Tapping into the energy of the conversation, and recognizing her passion for fashion, I suggested “Is there a way that you could get your own display area, create outfits and share them on social media?”

“I just did that last week” she said, then added “And someone contacted me 30 minutes later and bought the whole thing!”


Chuck and nodded our heads as we telepathically shared the thought: “We are in the presence of a Rock Star!”

After shaking Sam’s hand and wishing her the best, we left the building and headed for our cars.

I get to speak for so many audiences every year, and I love being on-stage.

My favorite part is ‘connecting’ as I recognize greatness in people.

Sam, YOU are amazing!

I am truly honored to have been in your presence and witnessed the passion and purpose you already have for your future. Best wishes as you continue to learn and grow!

Please remember to share your goals, hopes and dreams with those around you…and always be willing to reach back and hold your hand out to those who follow.

Keep on creating your own success story, one picture at a time.


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