The Acts of Kindness GRAND SLAM!

Some days I love being ‘in the game’, and others I don’t mind being a fan in the stands.

Last week, I got to observe several pretty cool acts of kindness. It makes me smile, big-time, every time I see others go beyond themselves to make the world (or at least the moment) better for someone else.

On Friday, my friend Laurie-Ann tagged me on Facebook with the following act committed by her friend Tony:

“I thought people couldn’t surprise me anymore in what seems to be a cynical world. I helped an elderly lady last week. She had a flat tire and was stuck on the side of the road. I left her my card in case she needed anything else. She just called me with the most appreciation I think I’ve ever felt in my life. Thank YOU Dee Dee from Nashua. You made MY day!”

That’s ONE.

Last Wednesday I got to enjoy an effortless two-plus hour conversation with my good friend Ed Goyette, owner of Beantowne Coffee House in Hampstead NH. We’re working on some pretty cool positive projects (details soon) which we’ll be rolling out in 2015. By the time I got back to my office, Ed had already set this act of kindness in motion:

“UBER FOOD PANTRY POST!!!! Today we met with inspirational speaker Steve Gamlin to talk about giving. A GREAT 2+ Hour conversation1 SO, in that spirit, Every Like, Comment or Share on this post earns FIFTY CENTS for the Saint Anne’s Food Pantry!!!! Let’s see ALL THREE from ALL of you! Ready? GO!”

That’s TWO.

By the way, all the likes, comments and shares helped generate a $145.00 donation to the food pantry!

On Thursday I met with my friend Jack, who is connecting with all kinds of passion and purpose as he brings even more goodness into his life. We talked about how acts of kindness opportunities are everywhere. Here is the e-mail I received from him this morning:

I was walking through the hotel (where he works) the other day and a guy asked me, Are you the person who was sent here to help me?  I said “I don’t know, what do you need?”  He had a pop up display canister that got crushed in shipping and it wasn’t working. After a few minutes, I realized that a screw driver would fix it. Boom!  Out came the banner and he was good to go. As it turns out I was the person who was sent to help him…but I didn’t know that until I showed up in that spot. Lesson: You never know when your opportunity to help someone is going to appear and when it does go for it.  Amazing!

That’s THREE.

During an e-mail exchange this morning, Friends of Kevin founder Kevin Willett reached out to see if I was available for tomorrow night’s networking event in Nashua. Due to a speaking engagement, I am not. I then discovered that he has just launched the Second Annual World’s Largest Turkey Drive. What he is asking people to do is invest in a turkey (or two), wherever they live, and deliver them to a local food pantry for the holidays. He also encourages people to share a photo on the official page, so that others will be inspired. Here is the page:

BOOM…a grand slam of kindness!  

For those who insist they will commit acts of kindness ‘when they win the lottery’, you don’t need to wait.

Besides, God KNOWS you’re bribing Him for the winning numbers (wink wink).

The act of giving is pretty cool.

Your mind, your spirit and even your body (the Helper’s High is real, look it up) will enjoy it…and so will the people you help.

The giving season is nearly upon us.

Will YOU be giving gifts that don’t need wrapping paper and pretty bows, just a little love and awareness?

With so many people out there making headlines for all the wrong reasons, you’ll stand out as a pretty cool person, and can make a world of difference in the life of someone in need.

Batter up!


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