Right Place, Right Time, Right MIND!

As I rolled back through the week in search of something to write for today’s blog, I was stumped.

There has been no one spectacular moment worthy of a movie scene with parting clouds and angelic voices, signaling a life-changing crescendo in the life of one of its characters.

It’s been four days of regular activity surrounded by the same characters who stroll through their recurring roles in my life.

What has helped me rise above ‘boring normal’ is the awareness of opportunities outside the lines.

I actually found myself noticing the peripheral players a bit more this week, seeking opportunity to share a positive word or gesture.

For example: As hectic as life gets sometimes, if we pause and listen, we can find little diversions which allow us to create value for others. What I have discovered is that these little moments work wonders on my own soul most of all.

    • At a networking event, I asked a woman (whom I’d just met) what made her smile the most this week. Her answer? She’d been taking classes on jewelry creation and was wearing her first piece. It was beautiful, and I wound up introducing her to a pair of my friends who also loved it.
    • As I was leaving the bank, I stopped to retrieve a discarded coffee cup and return it to the lobby trash can, just in time to open the door for a pair of senior women who were tapping the automatic door with no success. They thanked me and laughed when I told them I’d have put out a tip jar if there were three of them.
    • My friend Joyce who, while we were chatting at Meals on Wheels, asked me about a shelter that my family and friends have been supporting. She had a full bag of clothes in her car and didn’t know where to donate them. Five minutes later, they were in my car!

Some people have asked me, literally: “Why should I give a crap about them, they don’t care about me.”

My answer to them: “Give the world a reason to give a crap about you, by caring enough to make the first move.”

Do you realize that today, you could:

  • hold a door open today for a person who could change your life forever?
  • bring a smile to the face of someone who desperately needs it?
  • be the example that inspires someone else to follow his or her dreams?

Please do your best to be aware of that.

Please also be aware that I don’t mean this as an ego trip. I don’t want strutting around thinking you are above anyone else. If you act like that long enough, life will likely knock you on your butt to wake you up.

I simply want you to be comfortable in your own skin, aware of the gifts you have to offer the world.

When someone takes the time to praise you, please be appreciative and say ‘thank you’ instead of saying ‘it was nothing’ and dismissing their kind words.

Please let the world see what you have to offer. We all have something.

Please share your appreciation for what others mean to you.

Don’t assume they know.

They might not.

For my part, I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to read my messages, hear me speak, watch my videos, listen to my podcasts, read my books, etc.

You are awesome.

I just wanted you to know that.


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