Rocking a Life ‘Moment’ with Will the Mechanic!

Earlier this week, I completed a mission to get a remote car-starter for Tina’s car. Harsh winter weather is coming and she deserves to climb into a warm car. As usual, I called my friend Hamilton, who has taken care of several starters for my family and friends.

With daylight savings time in full effect, he called in a favor from his good buddy Will who owns a mechanic shop in Manchester.

You know how speakers like me always tell you that you never know who you’ll meet?

That is so true. 

For over 3 hours (the installation was punctuated by much laughter, pizza and storytelling), I got to know a pretty incredible, down-home guy.

Have you ever sung a Kid Rock song at a bar…as a duet with Kid Rock?

Will has.

Have you ever rocketed down a quarter-mile racetrack at well over 100 miles per hour in a car you built?

Will has.

Have you ever spent time discovering history in the back yard with a metal detector and marveled at its craftsmanship?

Will has.   

In between it all, he has enjoyed some of life’s highest highs and near-death lows. He has seen the best and the worst behavior that humanity has to offer. He’s hit and been hit (during his career as a bouncer and security specialist), he’s enforced the law (and has broken it), he’s helped keep the peace between groups of people you pray you never meet in a dark alley, he’s helped train assistance-dogs, and he’s unearthed treasures that would make Mike and Frank of ‘American Pickers’ drool.

One of the things we bonded over was the concept of life being an incredible collection of ‘moments’.

Everyone we meet gives us a chance to learn something. Everything we’ve dared to do, whether it resulted in success or a learning experience, has molded and shaped us.

Will and I share the goal of sitting on our front porches at age 90, covered in scars. Each one will have a story of a person, place or experience that we’ve learned from.

At the core, he and I share blue-collar values and work ethic, with the knowledge that everyone on this planet has the ability to teach us a lesson. We both look people in the eye and offer a smile in a heartbeat.

To me, that is the only way to live.

When times were a bit tough recently, he learned that a friend’s mom (who was sick and needed her car for transport to her many doctor appointments). Although his buddy didn’t have the cash, Will did the work to ensure the car was safe…and set up a payment plan that worked.

That is the soul of a man, in action.

Long before I left his shop, which he offered to me free of charge so his ‘brother’ Hamilton could do the install, this blog had already written itself in my head.

As we enjoyed our final slices of pizza, which Will had paid for (he waved off my request to pitch in), he showed me a prized photo in his toolbox.

It was Will and ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott (legendary founder of Pantera and Damage Plan), taken at a bar in Manchester during an after-concert party. That night, Will got up and sang, while Dime and his bandmates played behind him, having a blast.

Just months later, Dime was gunned down by a crazed fan in an Ohio club.

That photo captured a moment, one of many that has shaped Will’s life.

Day by day, as he helps his clients, friends and brothers, Will is creating more moments.

That’s all we can ask of life.

Are you actively creating yours?

Who is making them with you?

You don’t have to climb Mount Everest, cure cancer, or rock a stage on front of thousands of fans to do it…you just need to be ‘in the moment’.

Thanks again, Will!

It was a blast meeting you, and creating a ‘moment’ that’ll stick with me for a long time to come.

Keep on rockin’ and wrenchin’ your way through the world!


For those in need of his:

Will’s Auto Service 720 E.Industrial Park Dr.

Manchester NH  (603)518-7218


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