I Swear I Saw a Big Turkey Ringing a Bell!

It was a Sunday morning bread and milk run to our neighborhood grocery store.

No, there wasn’t a blizzard coming. I was making French toast as a surprise for Tina.

I was cold…until I saw a big turkey smiling at me, ringing his bell.

Actually, it was a man in his 50’s, wearing coveralls which included a turkey hat and tail.

For his bravery alone, I tipped his kettle a dollar.

“You should do this in July, you could wear a Hawaiian shirt!” I told him.

He laughed and mentioned one time when it was warm enough to do that.

After speaking with him for a moment, I discovered he’s been doing this for more than a dozen years and sees it as a way to give back while greeting a host of friendly, familiar faces.

Bell-ringers, with their trademark black kettles, are a familiar sight at the holidays.

Do I agree with all the beliefs and politics of this particular organization?

No I do not. But that’s not what this article is about.

I have seen the good which they do for people in need, so I include them in my circle of giving.

Does everyone see it this way?

Not at all, and that’s just fine.

Are some people a bit nasty with their comments?

Sometimes…but that happens in all walks of life.

It doesn’t matter to this man. He is investing his time during occasionally harsh weather in exchange for the good will and giving of others. He told me that he’s seen so many friends, and even his fourth-grade teacher!

No doubt she is proud to see him all grown up, and giving back.

At the very least, he’s sharing the joy of the season for a great reason. He is also doing it fearlessly with a brightly-feathered turkey hat and tail.

Giving, and love for others, is always in season.

I hope this message finds your heart reflecting on the gifts you have received in your life.

Never be afraid to reach out and show you care.

Never be afraid to let your turkey light shine!


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