All Lives Matter! (You Can Make a Difference…Yes, YOU!)

As I glanced through the news headlines over the weekend, I was greeted with varying degrees of human behavior. On this planet, living creatures (human, animal and others) come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

On any given day, some living creature is being harmed or oppressed. Despite what the media thrives on sharing, I honestly believe that there are more good people than bad people on this planet.

Some days you may be thinking that ‘little old me’ cannot make a difference.

That is not true.

Each of us has the ability to make a decision to be a living, breathing example of possibility…every day.

Are you sick and tired of seeing a certain type of behavior out there?

Be an example of something better.

Personal responsibility is key.

You can DECIDE to be a good person, then BE one.

It’s pretty darn simple when you stop and think about it.

We cannot always control how the world treats us, but we can control our reaction.

Not every day above ground is easy. If it was, we probably wouldn’t appreciate the good stuff.

It can be frustrating when we focus on just the bad stuff, or when that’s all we see in the media.

We can lose hope. We can point fingers. We can condemn.

If that’s all we do…then I believe we lose.

Today I am going to do my best to be a good person.

I will make the effort to reach out a hand when I can, to make someone’s life situation a little better.

I might be thanked. I might get my hand slapped. I might come under fire for doing it, and my motives might be questioned.

All I know is this: I am doing my best to be a living example of good energy.

That’s all I can do today.

I think I’ll wake up and do it again tomorrow.

Some pretty cool people throughout history made that decision and inspired me to do it too.

I hope you’ll consider it too.

The world needs it.

The world needs you.

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