Why Are Most New Years Resolutions Essentially Dog Crap?

Why Are Most New Years Resolutions Essentially Dog Crap?

1) People step into them without true intention.

2) They follow us around all year.

3) They stink.

It’s that time of year again, when the echo of “What are YOUR resolutions?” rings through so many conversations.

Sadly, they are often a reaction to where our heads (and stomachs) are on New Years Day, whenever the light of day decides to creep across our consciousness.

A hangover often translates into “I need to quit drinking.”

The inability to button one’s pants becomes “I gotta get back to the gym.”

A pile of pizza boxes and other less-than-healthy snacks triggers “I should probably eat better.”

What is the problem with this?

It is all reactionary to a moment in time, versus an intention-driven plan of action.

We feel yucky, so we slap a quick band-aid on it, thinking a dab of intention will take care of it.

Sadly, most people’s resolutions are born with a pretty short shelf-life.


In my opinion, it is the way they are made.

Most people do not put enough thought into WHO they wish to become as much as WHAT they wish to have.

They say things like: be happy, be healthy, have more money.


Squish…dog crap.

Want to navigate the mine field a bit better?

Being more specific (adding the WHY) can help plan your steps more wisely, instead of fumbling and stumbling barefoot through a yard loaded with Saint Bernard-sized plunkies. 

It starts with asking yourself questions like:

What makes me happy? Who makes me happy? How can I think/say/do more things which make me happy? How do I know when I am happy?

How much do I want to weigh by the end of the year? What foods do I want to eat more? What exercise habits should I develop? What do I need to cut out of my diet?

How much money do I want to earn this year? How can I earn more? What expenses can I reduce to increase the money I keep? What will I need to learn to do this?

It sounds so simple, really…yet so few people do it.

I can’t think of anyone who wants to be less healthy, yet many people will hit the gym so hard the first week of January that they can’t walk right until President’s Day…and the healthy eating goes out the window as soon as they New Years hangover fades away.

How can YOU do it better this year?

Frankly, part of the reason I am on this speaking/writing journey is to keep my own butt in gear.

I’m a regular average human being, just like you.

I’ve done it all wrong, and I’ve done it right enough times to know I’m not blowing smoke with this message.

I’m dancing my way through the back yard of life, doing my best to avoid the dog crap.

If I can help you in the process, we both win.

Here’s to a butt-kickin’ 2015 with focused minds, healthy bodies, solid financial status…and clean shoes! 

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  1. One of the ways that helps me to get to the gym is writing it in my date book just like any other appointment. Like you, I go to Planet Fitness but I doubt if I’ll ever show up in the middle to the night! Great place, good people. Good luck with your new membership, Steve!

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