Annnnnd…we’re off!!!! (Aren’t We?)

Flip that calendar and do your best to write “2015” on your checks (if you’re actually still writing checks) my friends! It’s a brand new year complete with resolutions and all the promises we make to ourselves to make THIS year better, or at least make our hangovers go away.

I spent the final day of 2014 coming in just under the wire for a sweet deal on a gym membership. I’d been with the old place for a decade. I didn’t go there much anymore. Not their fault entirely. They’d cut back a bit on their hours and some of the equipment was getting clunky (including the elliptical I broke in October).

I guess I just needed to get out of my familiar routine for something different.

What I found was a place which will cost me about 40% of what I was paying, AND is open around the clock.

I’ve never had the urge to rock a treadmill at 3am, but it’s good to know that I can if ever the planets align and kick me in that direction.

Although I waited until January 3rd to make my first visit, I really dug the excitement of something new.

In my mind, it’s got that invigorating ‘new gym smell’!

In addition to the benefit to my wallet and schedule, it is a bright and shiny addition to my world.

As we plow our way into this new year, are there parts of your life which could use an upgrade? Maybe some action patterns which could use a new coat of paint or location to jumpstart your excitement?

Are you dragging along any boat anchors that need to be cut loose?

If you can, keep a journal for a week or so, encompassing all your regular activities.

Are you smiling as you jot them down?

Are some of them making you wince, roll your eyes…or yawn?

Now is the time to decide if you want to endure them for another year, or if there is a way to reenergize your soul surrounding them.

Here’s to the first full week of 2015.

May you rocket into this new year and continue to run leaner, meaner and, as my old friend the bluesman KD Bell used to say: “Have ants in your pants like you wanna dance”!


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