What are YOUR Mannequin Measurements?

According to a work study completed by Gallup* on workplace engagement, the average company has measurements of 13-63-24.

If you mapped it out on a mannequin, it might not stand up as a sturdy support system.

As I follow the ideas shared by Zappos CEO Tony Tsieh, I believe that our lives are an intertwined existence of personal AND business lives/goals (not a ‘balance between’), I can’t help but believe that these numbers are an indication of our lives as a whole.

Here is what I feel the Gallup study numbers essentially mean:

13% of the workforce is actively engaged at a level of not only completing the tasks which they are assigned, but are also emotionally involving themselves for the betterment of the company. They are self-starters, they seek to take themselves to the next level, and they reach out to elevate others as well. For me, this is the heart/mind section of the mannequin.

63% of people do what is asked of them. They may not doing anything more, but they at least complete their tasks. They trade their time for a paycheck, and that is good enough. I see this as the bloated beer- and snack-belly of the mannequin…a bit bloated and not moving anywhere too quickly.

24% of the workforce are circling the drain of doom spending their time at the water cooler complaining. They not only do not complete their work to a satisfactory level, they spend much of their time spewing their venom to anyone who will listen. They are the bottom rung of the ladder, and can poison the wellness of the company. This is the saggy butt and foot-stompin’ part of the mannequin, intent on keeping it anchored in place so as not to advance.

Again, these are my interpretations, not necessarily those of the pollsters.  

Why do I describe each level in this way?

Because I have seen it in action.

I have dwelled in the top two tiers at different times in my life.

I cannot think of a time when I spent very long, if any time at all, in the bottom 24%.

For better or for worse, if I was unhappy somewhere I made a decision to bail out sooner than later.

So…where are YOU on this work/life mannequin?

As mentioned earlier, I agree with Mr. Tsieh that work and life are pretty well intertwined.

I find it tough to believe that someone can be joyful in one phase of life, then miserable in the other.

I guess I’d have a tough time pulling off such an Oscar-worthy performance.

As a speaker and author, I’d have to say that I enjoy the company I keep in the head/heart section. My mentors and colleagues keep me on a path of growth and creativity.

These blogs, as well as my podcasts, books, videos and stage-delivered messages are all inspired by my personal mission to constantly be improving and raising the game for those around me.

I hope that your journey is finding you in a similar place.

It’s a brand new year.

It could be a brand new mannequin.

If you find yourself sagging and stomping your feet, you CAN make a change.

Call the parts department and request an upgrade!

(by the way, you are in charge of the parts department)

Have a great week, my friends…it’s time to get engaged.

Will you?




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