A Quick CLICK Up Mentor Mountain!

Last Wednesday I was honored to share my “Engaging Your WHY” presentation with a great company.

Essentially, the message is all about being more plugged into one’s personal and business lives as we stress the importance of WHY we do what we do. We then create a visual representation of what a successful life looks like for each attendee.

I have been sharing these events for nearly a decade…and my mind is blown, every time.

There is a pure joy I experience when I observe someone taking action during an event and receiving nearly instant results. In yesterday’s case, it was the woman who approached me for a high-five (as I ask them to do) who told me:

“You inspired me to reach out to someone who can help me, and he just returned my message. I have a new mentor. I can’t believe it worked so fast!”

After clasping her high-five-hand between mine and congratulating her, I told her I was proud she took that action, and appreciative that she shared that news with me.

After she walked away, the attendee sitting closest to where I was standing looked up at me, exclaiming “Wow, that was very cool!”

As I explained at the opening of this event, most of us are climbing up a mountain seeking a better view which comes with effort…and discovering people who have been to the top.

There is a wealth of knowledge up there, waiting to be discovered.

Which mountain are YOU climbing?

Who has already climbed it, and can offer advice to make your view more beautiful?

Success, whatever it means for you, is out there…just waiting to be repeated.

Who can you call? Meet for lunch? Connect with on Skype?

Who has created events to share their advice? Who has written a book? Created a learning program?

Will YOU reach your hand upward today, to be grasped and lifted by someone who is enjoying the successful results that you wish to enjoy?

I wish you well on your climb, my friends!


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