Taking Your Shot Means So Much More Than the Score!

It’s one thing to have a dream.

It’s another thing to let others know what your dream is.

But the magic happens when those people line up the opportunity for you to take your shot…and rock the world!

A familiar fixture on the basketball sidelines, North Branch Michigan Broncos team manager Chris Hodges provides an endless fountain of encouraging words.

Most of all, despite his special needs challenges, he wanted to play.

During a recent game, his coach and his teammates set him up for success…and he scored, BIG TIME.

During the 4th quarter of a recent game, Coach Mark Stevens called Chris’ number.

Not only did he get to hit the hardwood…he hit TWO baskets!

Years from now, nobody will remember the score.

It won’t matter.

The victory is the moment that a challenge was overcome and a dream was realized.

What dreams do YOU have for 2015?

Are you practicing?

Have you let others know what your dream is, so that they can help set you up for success?

Do you have coaches and mentors who can help you hone your skills, so that you’ll be ready when the time comes to take your shot?

It’s more than a game…it’s life.

Don’t wish it away, sitting on the bench.

Take your shots. Hit them or miss them, it doesn’t always matter.

This is what I love most about the “Engaging Your WHY (Vision Board Success)” program I share with my clients.

I get to the be there, on life’s court, to hear their dreams and to see their teammates rally around them with encouragement.

Over time, I hear about the shots taken…and proudly cheer every attempt.

What shots do YOU need to take?

What game do YOU wish to play?

The clock is ticking…

Here’s the link to Chris’ story.



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