Are You An Absolutely Incredible Kid… at Heart?

One of my favorite things about being an intentionally positive person, by choice, is the desire to celebrate as many things as I can. That doesn’t mean you’ll find me wearing plastic hats and discount Mardi Gras beads, shooting confetti from a leaf blower…but it does mean that I’ve got my eyes open for opportunities to share some praise and celebrate cool things.

Wednesday, March 19th, is “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day”.

Do you know any?

I do.

Although not my typical target audience, several times a year I get to share my “Attitude, Action, Traction” presentation with several organizations which celebrate teens who intentionally making good things happen in their communities.

Several years ago, at a presentation for the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Program, I met Courtney. Last year, when she invited me to share my presentation for an event she was organizing, I discovered she was the co-founder (with two other HOBY program grads) of a non-profit called “Project Play NH”.

From their website:

“In order to help ease the financial burden of playing sports, Project PLAY was created. Project PLAY is a non-profit organization that sponsors underprivileged children in southern NH to play organized sports. The organization does this by paying for children’s league registration fees and by providing them with equipment. The goal of Project PLAY is to promote a healthy and safe lifestyle to underprivileged youth while giving them an opportunity that would not have otherwise been available.”


Not only are they still young people themselves, they are reaching out to kids who may be struggling to enjoy their absolutely incredible athletic talent.

Do YOU know some absolutely incredible kids?

Could you let them know how much you think of them, or share their awesomeness with the world somehow?

Sometimes all it takes is a kind word or a high-five, for that absolutely incredible kid to try even harder, and do even better…and to want to reach out to give back, inspiring the next incarnation of absolutely incredible kids.

As adults, we’ve been there. We know how hard it can be to want to stand out and make a difference.

Do YOU know a young person who is absolutely incredible?

Are YOU still an absolutely incredible kid, at heart?


Within minutes of posting this blog, I received this message from a reader who said “YES, I know some absolutely incredible kids!”

Here is her message: 

I took my mom to the oncologist on Friday, which is always kind of grim, and at the nurses’ station they offered her a “gift bag” made by a local Daisy troop (pre-Girl Scouts). The actual items were pretty general (a toothbrush, bottle of water, etc.)—although there was one thin mint—but the best part was a photo of all the girls (kindergarten age or so) with get well wishes and their troop number on the back.

The gift bag was blue, so we didn’t see the writing in blue pen until we got back out into the sunlight. The little girl who had filled the bag had written “I love you!” 

The whole thing was so sweet, when I got home I decided to use the troop number to track down the girls if possible so I could send them a thank-you note and let them know that their act of kindness mattered. I used Google and found someone, and I sent her an email with a note for the girls and much praise for their work. I described the bag my mom had received and said how touched we were. Less than five minutes later, I received a reply. Not only had I found the leader, but it was her own daughter who had made my mom’s bag. She said the note moved her to tears, and they are all going to make some cards for my mom.  

So, yes, I “know” some incredible kids!

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