Take the Fast Train to CLICKsville!

Have you ever set a goal that scared the heck out of you the next day when you woke up and realized that you’d said it out loud…and other people heard you?”

Ohhhh, the faces I see in my audiences when I ask THAT question!

If you haven’t done it yet, you are either very content with your life, or you haven’t really challenged yourself and you’re living on fear of something like failure…or success.

One of my favorite ways to explain goal achievement was inspired by a roller coaster at Canobie Lake Park in southern NH.

It is the Yankee Cannonball, and it’s one of the old chain driven coasters that goes CLICK-CLICK-CLICK up the first hill, with many small, incremental steps before you can enjoy the ride.

Life is a lot like this.

Think back on one of your proudest accomplishments or achievements of a goal.

If you were able to claim victory with one quick, simple step…it probably too challenging a goal.

For too many people, setting a big goal is ultimately setting oneself up for failure.

Sure, we’re all hell-fired up when we get sick of a current situation or feeling, but when we realize it’s going to take a lot of work, or even cause some short-term pain on the way to long-term gain (like test-driving those ‘gym muscles’ for the first time in 3 years), we can easily fall off that wagon.

If we envision any one of our goals as being the top of that first hill we can identify all the little steps, or ‘CLICKs’, it will take to get there,

It falls into the category of the classic question: “How do you eat an elephant?”

Answer: One bite at a time.

How you get to the top of that first hill so that you can enjoy the rest of the ride in celebration?

One CLICK at a time.

Unsure of what your CLICKs should be?

Find someone who has already achieved what you’ve set out to do, and look for clues.

Successful people write books, shoot YouTube videos, give speeches, record podcasts…or will even sit across from the table and share a coffee chat with you.

What inspired me to create this viewpoint?

In the Fall of 2006, my doctor told me that I needed to lose 20 pounds and stop eating crap.

He threatened me with medications, and I told him I wanted to try it on my own. He gave me 3 months. 

The next day I woke up and, realizing I’d never lost 20 pounds before, began to panic.

I went to the gym…CLICK.
Asked a fitness trainer what cardio exercises were best…CLICK.
Went to the grocery store’s ‘healthy’ aisles…CLICK.
Actually ate those food items…CLICK.
Stopped eating fast food…CLICK.

Three months of CLICKing later, compounding the impact of daily discipline, I had lost 19 pounds and dropped my unhealthy cholesterol numbers significantly.

No medications necessary.

You can do this too.

Need to lose weight?  I just gave you my first hill.

Is your heart searching for your dream relationship?

Want to start your own business and stretch your entrepreneurial legs?

Figure out who has done it, and ask how.

The clues for EVERYTHING you could want are out there.

You’re probably not going to like some of the actions you’ll need to take, which is probably why you haven’t achieved them yet.

Tough crap.

You want the end result?

You need to do them.

The alternative to the roller coaster is the Merry Go Round, which follows the same pattern all day every day and gets nowhere.

If you’re happy with that, wonderful…because there is nothing inherently wrong with it.

Me? I prefer the roller coaster, and CLICKing small steps daily is the best way I’ve discovered to knock the biggest items off my goals list.

Most recently for me: an audio training program titled “Engaging Your WHY (The Success Vision Program)”.

It was a HUGE undertaking of more than a year and nearly 200 hours of my time…and it almost never happened because it scared the hell out of me.

I’d never created anything this big.

It scared the hell out of me when I started.

Until I did some research on-line and found most other Vision Board trainings laughable…CLICK.

Then I sketched out the way I thought it needed to be done…CLICK.

After that I began writing the script for each step…CLICK.

Then it was many hours in the vocal booth of my recording studio…CLICK.

After that came over 100 hours of editing and re-takes…CLICK.

Did I want to scrap it along the way? Did I fail to believe in myself once in a while?

Yup, sure did.

But I always remembered my WHY…and kept on CLICKing.

What is my WHY?

If I believe the world needs a training like this, sharing all the steps which have helped ME create the happiest and most successful (this is a subjective term, by the way) version of my life, it would be selfish to not share it with the world.

And it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t break it down into man, many CLICKs.

What is one of YOUR goals?

How can you break it down and start CLICKing up that first hill?

You can do this.

Believe me, when you take care of the last CLICK and go over the top, getting to enjoy the ride to celebrate…it will be sooooo worth it.

I can see the top of my hill, just a few more CLICKs to release my new program.

Things are getting exciting.

Thank you for being part of my journey.

I appreciate all of you who’ve kept me CLICKing up this hill!

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