Three BIG Lessons I Learned from ‘The Walking Dead’!


For me, the recent Season 5 finale had it all. 

Despite rampant speculation, Daryl did not die.

I am sure many of my female friends slept better last night knowing this. 

It had all the drama that I expected, plus a few more tense moments that caught me by surprise.

As each sliver of drama unfurled, my entrepreneurial mind punched the clock to apply the twists and turns to my life and business experience.

I have been self-employed for more than 2 decades, full-time for the past 12 years.

Here are three lessons learned from last night’s episode:

1. Never surrender all of your weapons.

Although they were supposed to have relinquished their sidearms, Rick and his ‘family’ knew they could not comply 100%. Basically, they’d arrived at a new place inhabited by a group of people who did not possess the skills or knowledge to deal with the evil that lurked outside their walls. Wherever you find yourself, you must never sacrifice the skills and experience which got you there. Don’t let your muscles get soft!

2. Redemption is always possible, not all mistakes are final.

Several characters have been grappling with their own inner demons, doubting themselves for failures which are now haunting them. Central to this are feelings of guilt over decisions made which cost lives. You can go down in flames with shame, or rise up and rededicate yourself to your mission. We all fail. What we do afterward can redefine us.

3. Always lock the gate!

In our businesses, as well as our personal lives, we must be vigilant about who we allow to hang out in our back yards. In The Walking Dead, the community of Alexandria exists within a (thus far) impenetrable framework of corrugated steel walls and gates. As long as everyone does their jobs, the walkers (zombie undead) can’t get in. Last night a careless decision committed by one of the main characters (mentioned in #2) nearly cost the residents dearly. We all know people whom we prefer to not have roaming our circles. We need to choose wisely and do what we need to do to keep ourselves, our families, our careers, our hearts and our souls safe and healthy. Sometimes that means deliberately taking action to shut certain people out of our lives.

Who knows what the 6th season of The Walking Dead will bring?

Who know what our own lives will be like in 6 months?

All we can do is take deliberate action, today, to greatly increase our odds of survival.

Here’s to us.

You are a survivor.

I am too.

We’ve made it this far.

Let’s keep walking…and stay very much alive.


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