Is the World Kicking Out Your Jambs?

Every year when I go to have my taxes done, I smile…just not for the reason you might expect.

My accountant has been in the same building for at least three decades, and every year I get to survey the damage done to the screen door on the front of his building.

As time has trickled by, the door handle has been both on the left and the right side, some years it had a latch and some didn’t, at least two dozen screws of varying lengths have anchored it, and the plunger arm has been bent at several different angles.

What causes most of this damage?


As a former contractor, I can tell you that the number one culprit is the wind…and the wind’s number one accomplice is people who fail to latch the door.

It’s a simple process, really.

1) Open door.

2) Enter (or exit).

3) Wait up to 1.5 seconds for it to latch.

Omit this last step and you risk causing major damage to the door, the jamb and the checkbook of that door’s owner.

This morning I took these pictures as I left.

Unfortunately, they don’t show all the damage accrued over the years.

I have seen these jambs in all their splintered glory several times over.

For my accountant, it has been accepted as a part of dealing with the public.

To me, it is an educational opportunity.

How many doors will you walk through today?

Will you care enough to make sure those doors swing freely and close safely?

Who is entering through YOUR doors?

  The doors of your business?

  The doors of your home?

  The doors of your heart?

  The doors of your mind?

Will you take a moment to educate people who may not be treating your doorways with the respect you desire?

We all make mistakes. We all have moments of rushed indifference.

Some days we accidentally leave others twisting in the breeze, unsecured and vulnerable.

That being said, I believe we all share the responsibility of respecting the property of others.

Let’s continue to swing our doors wide open to the world, and trust that they won’t be kicking out the jambs!

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