How Much is Your ‘Giving’…Giving?

Last week, a couple of really cool moments happened.

As part of our BeachBum Philanthropy giving mission, we enjoy reaching out to several local non-profits to ask: “What do you need today?”

Why do we ask this?

Because the answer is often something very affordable and easy to locate.

Plus, we’ve got an amazing group of like-minded friends who often reach out to ask US what they can do to help.

One of our favorites, Liberty House (they help homeless veterans), told us they are most in need of sneakers. They’ve got people coming to them daily with tattered footwear, and sadly they are not always able to help.

They also needed several cans of tuna fish (a great affordable source of protein) to replenish their pantry.

In my home office, the top drawer of my desk is the ‘random stuff’ drawer.

Last week, in the pile, I struck gold.

I had forgotten about the $25 gift card to a sporting goods store I’d received on February 1st, the day that several hundred of us froze our buns off (it was 8-degrees and very windy) diving into the ice-cold ocean to raise money for Special Olympics.

Thanks to the generosity of so many wonderful people, the money I raised for that event qualified me to receive:

1) a very cool backpack
2) the sporting goods gift card

Within days of the Plunge (and a lot of cold meds later…oops), the backpack was given to a homeless veteran via Liberty House.

Now, a couple months later, the sporting goods gift card has helped another homeless vet.

Also in the junk drawer last week was a $1.50 coupon toward my next supermarket visit.

All told, my shopping trip garnered 2 cans of tuna fish (cost me 48-cents) and a brand new pair of running shoes (cost me $15, as they were marked down from $60 to $40, minus the GC).

Why am I sharing this?

The season of 5Ks, 10Ks and other charity walks is upon us.

Many of them allow participants to choose from a selection of items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, water bottles and hats as a reward for walking.

How many of us actually need, or will use, these items?

I bet you know of a local non-profit who could.

Have you taken a moment to go on-line and check out the wish lists of charities in your community?

I bet they could put those items to great use.

See a need.

Fill it.

It’s that easy.

If you’re part of a charity walk or a fundraiser for a great cause, you ROCK.

How can you rock even more?

As they say in Vegas, let it ride!

When you let your giving (a walk for charity) extend to even more giving, you are compounding your awesomeness.

How about it?

Will you let your ‘giving’ give a little bit more?


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