Are You Enjoying 7-Dollar Pineapple Jelly?

I can still picture Tina rolling her eyes, asking “Why are you laughing at me?”

Every time she does that, while wearing her most ‘innocent’ beautiful face, I laugh even harder.

It all started last Saturday morning. As I shuffled through the kitchen to make some toast, I took an extra moment to check out the label on top of my favorite jelly.

“You spent SEVEN dollars on this jelly for me?!?!?”

Her answer still makes me laugh…and love her even more.

“For 7 dollars, I get to see you be happy every time you make toast, as long as that jar lasts. It’s worth it!”

It may have been the sleep deprivation, but I just couldn’t stop laughing.  

And then I realized the lesson.

Everything we invest in has a payoff.

Big or small, worth it or not…there is a return.

For Tina, 7 dollars to see me so happy is a worthy investment.

It hit me hardest when I realized there are multi-millionaires out there who probably envy the happiness I get from toasted oatmeal bread with pineapple jelly.

When we KNOW what makes us happy, and deem it worthy of the investment, we can enjoy life more.

For many people it turns out that the simplest things will do the trick…like a jar of jelly.

I recently listened to one of Jack Canfield’s recordings, in which he shared the story of a mega-rich gentleman who believed it was the ‘things’ in life which would make him happy. He owned fancy cars and mansions, yachts and Lear jets…even a professional football team!

But he wasn’t happy.

When a friend asked him to be part of a mission to deliver wheelchairs to an impoverished community halfway around the world, he finally got it…and now devotes his time to a giving mission he founded.

He discovered his 7-dollar jar of jelly.

His investment of time and ‘giving’ makes him happy, deep down in his soul.

How about YOU?

Do you know what makes you happy…truly happy?

Have you found YOUR 7-dollar jar of jelly?

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