Is It Time for You to ‘Go MUCK Yourself’?

My decision to become a motivational speaker continues to rock my world.

Bottom line: I meet the coolest people!

Last Fall, as part of a program called SpeechCraft, several of my Toastmaster friends and I found ourselves at a local company helping a dozen team members strengthen their communication skills and confidence.

One of them, Alice, shared in a speech that she’d been diagnosed several years ago with Multiple Sclerosis. I was very moved by her spirit. She’s not letting it steal her thunder without a fight.

As part of her message, she told us about MuckFest, a fundraising event that is part ‘Wipeout’ (one of my favorite TV shows) and part ‘playing in the mud’.

I told her that I would love to be part of this year’s event if my schedule allowed.

Several weeks ago, I determined that my schedule allowed.

Not knowing what to expect, I signed up to be part of her team.

This past Saturday, it happened.

As much as MS is a terrible, progressive disease which attacks the body’s central nervous system, the collective ‘heart’ of the people gathered for this event blew me away.

Thousands of people were on-site, with new waves of participants being unleasehed upon the 5k course every 30 minutes.

The only person I knew on Alice’s team…was Alice.

I waved and shook hands with the other 8 or 9 of them and, by the first muddy obstacle, we were a family.

We even found ourselves ‘adopting’ a man who was there on his own, cheering on our new friend Gavin as he trudged along with us.

It was a day that helped me find some muscles I hadn’t used a long time.

It was a day that put bruises in places on my body that I hadn’t been bruised since my football days.

It was also a day that showed me just how many people will rise up (as participants, donors and volunteers) to tell one nasty disease to “Go MUCK Itself”!

Once again, the decisions to become a speaker and a more ‘giving’ person managed to put me in a very special place which I will remember forever.

Where is YOUR life’s path taking YOU?

Are you finding yourself among the type of people who inspire you, and encourage you to become a better person?

If not, I suggest you be part of an upcoming charity walk or fundraising event.

You’ll meet some pretty amazing people and feel good, knowing that are making a difference.

Who knows, you might even get the urge to ‘Go Muck Yourself’ and join us next year.

The path to positivity begins with one step…go ahead, take it!

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