Three Cheers for the Pepper Lady!

During an appearance on the Fireside Radio Show on Saturday, I was sharing my thoughts (with hosts Jim and Nancy) on last Summer’s Market Basket saga, during which many employees picketed and protested for the return of their beloved leader “Artie T”.

One of the opinions we all share on the organization, they are a pretty happy and friendly group!

While grocery shopping on Sunday, Tina and I discovered yet another reason why.

In the home-stretch of our trip, as we hit the produce section, I got a bit of a shower as I reached for some lettuce. The overhead misters ‘did their thing’ the minute my arm invaded their space.

Minutes later, I shared my experience with one of the clerks.

“Was it that section over there?” she asked while pointing her finger, “It got me real good last week!”

As we laughed, Tina picked up a bag of mixed peppers and asked if they had a smaller quantity available.

“Ohh, I don’t believe we do” was her response.

“No problem” Tina replied, and we moved on with a smile.

Several minutes, as we approached the far end of the produce section, we heard a voice.

“Excuse me, I was able to find a smaller bag of peppers for you!”

I was not surprised, but definitely impressed.

This clerk had left her workstation to go out back, seek out an item we’d asked for, and track us down to deliver it with a great big smile.

I wish I’d gotten her name, as I am going to write her manager a hand-written note this week.

That is why I love and respect Market Basket.

Are you going about YOUR business with the same enthusiasm and dedication as the pepper lady this week?

If not, how COULD you if you really wanted to?

How can YOU help people find their peppers?


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