Thatch Attack: Make Room for the Green Grass!

My dad’s got a big yard. Carved out of the middle of his six acres are two acres of lawn.

Every year as the snow recedes, we ping-pong back and forth as to whether I’ll rent a thatcher and pull up all the dead stuff.

This year, to the naked eye, it didn’t look like there was going to much in the way of growing an emerald green golf course of a lawn…until I fired up the thatcher.

Holy crap!! I pulled up enough dead grass to fill a dumpster twice over: TWENTY-SIX full mower bags!

Now my Dad’s fertilization people can some in and do their thing.

In no time at all, our bare feet will be enjoying a lush green carpet (except for Mr. Damon’s doggie dumps).

What does my Dad’s lawn have in common with your life and career?

Whether or not you can see them, there are people and situations which are serving only to restrict your growth, not allowing you to shine as brightly as you could.

That group meeting you still attend, even though you dread it?

 Dead grass.

Those people whose names make you grimace when you see them on Caller ID? 

 Dead grass.

That project you’ve been telling yourself (for more than a year) that you should get started (even though deep down you don’t want to do it)? 

 Dead grass.

What can you do this week to fire up the thatcher and rid yourself of all the dead things clogging around your ankles, slowing your progress?

It’s not always pretty.

The air will get dusty.

Your clothes will get dirty.

Sometimes dog crap comes flying back in your face.

But, in the end…you’ve increased your odds of growing some rich green in your life.

Go ahead, the pull-cord is in YOUR hands…will you fire it up?

Happy thatching!



    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Lawn Mower Wizard! I am most appreciative that you found value in my message. Hope you enjoy an amazing Summer of green grass and cool people!

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