It’s Not the Time, It’s the Timing!

I was running late… again.

A tricky video project had me working later at my recording studio than I’d planned.

I don’t get quite as torqued up over it as I used to.

These days, I trust that I should just get it done right, and things will work out as they are meant to.

When I rolled out of the driveway 40 minutes later, I quickly spied something in the road and pulled over. 

Score the first ‘turtle assist’ of the season, as this little guy was making his way from the pond to the woods.

Within 30 seconds he was delivered to the safety of the sand on the side of the road, and I was back on my way.

Here is something I love about small-town New Hampshire. At the end of the street, I only had to wait for 2 vehicles to pass before I could pull out and make my way home. One was a large flatbed carrying a bulldozer and the other was a small sedan.

Within seconds, as I caught up to them, a large block of wood dislodged from the trailer and bounced into the oncoming lane before settling in a cloud of dust at the side of the road.

Although not sure how I’d catch up to him, I pulled over to retrieve the block.

After tossing it in the back seat and preparing to give chase, I turned the corner to see the driving sprinting back for it.

“Got it right here!” I told him as he smiled, relieved.

“Thanks so much” he replied. “Boy, there isn’t much room to turn this baby around and come back looking for it”.

After giving him a ride several hundred yards back to his truck, he thanked me again and was on his way.

It’s not about the time, it’s about the timing.

We are all in places and situations daily when we can observe and opportunity to be of service.

Here is a wonderful example, shared by my very cool friend Ruth over the weekend:

Act of kindness awesome moment today. We were selling stuff at the flea market. A young woman was wheeled by our table. She had obvious disabilities. My husband asked her mother if we could give her a teddy bear. When she said okay, we gave her one of the Vermont Teddy Bears we had. The look on her face was so amazing–it lit up with the brightest smile. As she passed us, she was giving it hugs and talking to it. Best moment of our day!!

I love this!!

Where and when will opportunity strike YOU this week?

When you stop counting the minutes, you may find yourself much more aware of the ‘moments’.

Please make some, and feel free to share and tag me on social media when you do.

I love to hear them!


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