Fire Up Your Accordion, Bike in the Buff…and Smile!

While looking up the various reasons to celebrate the month of June, I discovered the following:  

June is National Accordion Awareness month, World Naked Bike Ride month and also National Smile month.

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To be honest, I cannot play the accordion and my bike has two flat tires…so let’s go with National Smile Month.

What makes YOU smile, every day?

For some people, it is the first moments with their family (or the family pet), that first cup of coffee, or just the fact that they woke up on the right side of the grass.

There are other people who wouldn’t know how to smile if you showed them a YouTube video tutorial with three easy steps.

Some people have led very difficult lives, and it is tough for them to see the happier side of life.

Well-meaning people often look at them and say “Come on, cheer up and smile!”

It’s just not that easy.

I am by nature a happy person.

Do I have bad days? Sure I do.

What makes the difference for me is CHOOSING to be happy, and seeking out things, people, and experiences which make me smile…especially on the down days.

Want to help others find THEIR smile?

Be a great living, breathing example of how it’s done.

Be real, and let your light shine for others to guide the way to happier times.

By the way, I’m smiling right now, just by sharing this message with all of you.

Now go break out your accordion, or hop on your bike…you’ve got a whole month to find things to smile about!


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