39,000 Reasons Why You Should Mind Your Own Business!

Earlier this week I read an article which, according to the comments below it, had earth-shattering repercussions about the future of mankind.

It seems a young couple spent $39,000 on a birthday party for their 3-year-old.  

Oh hell…there it goes again. The earth is shaking off its axis.

My questions to those who are hell-bent on complaining and damning these parents to hell:

Did they set up a crowdfunding page and trick you into making a donation?

Did they hack into your bank and drain your account?

Does this make you less of a parent because you treated your toddler to the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese?

If you answered NO to all 3 of these questions, what’s your problem?

If people earn their money, I think I’m pretty cool with the fact that they can spend it any way they wish.

Just this morning I discovered that a friend had to put his dog down earlier this week.

I was crushed, especially after remembering he had spent a great deal of money less than 2 months ago for a major surgery.

In his words, he was thankful that he got this extra time with his beloved furry friend.

I can understand that.

Some of his family and (cough cough) ‘friends’, however, used the opportunity to chastise his wasteful spending…ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

We work hard, we earn what we can, and I believe we’ve got the right to spend it on whatever we like.

Heck, I’ve spent money pretty foolishly over the years, according to my critics.

I’m still here…and I’ve still got much of the stuff I bought.

Many of the negative people, however, have been shown the door.

To paraphrase a tune from the sixties, I will share my attitude toward my own life, the life of my friend and the couple who invested $39,000 for their kid’s birthday celebration:

“It’s my party, and I’ll buy what I want to”.

Have a great day, my friends!

Celebrate it any way you like.

You’ve earned it.

One comment

  1. I could not have expressed this any better!!!! I never will ever understand people who worry about what other people do with their money. Not like they are hurting anyone. People by nature just get jealous over the most ridiculous things, I hope that birthday party was one to remember for all time!! 🙂

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